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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday, January 30, 2006

Apparently people have been upset with how I've been handling the time I have left. The reason why I'm leaving in the first place is to better my own position. I'm not happy with where I am in my life and I want to fix that. This was never the plan but I've done enough damage where this is one of the few solutions left.
One of the things that needs to go with this process is my reputation. I'm sure you've all heard how I can snort enough coke in one night to kill a whole stable of horses and how I fuck everygirl I can and treat them all like garbage as well as many other various shitty things. I know there are reasons behind why these things are said, but I've been working my ass off for a while now to not be that guy, to treat women better, to stop doing coke. I've had my ups and downs with it all and although im a much better person than i was a year ago im no saint. Fighting this coke problem has also caused other drugs esp. alcohol to get way out of control and i need something to help me out. Throughout all of this though I never received positive help from anyone in this town, with VERY few expections. I have to hear all of the rumors, all of the bullshit. I decided a few months ago i was using the army to jumpstart my life, to get me past this town, to change how people view me, to change how I think. Part of doing this was removing me from hearing everything that i don't need to hear. Now I'm not saying that its any of you guys in particular, or even at all, but to get away from it i had to get away from everyone that had anything to do with that.
Yes, I have dissapeared. Yes, I have made all new friends. Yes, I got a girlfriend. But i changed my life in under a month, I accomplished that goal, the first goal that I've gone for and accomplished in years. I am more happy now than I've been in years as well, not because of Candice, because I can go out and hang out with a group of people that all respect me anddon't feel the need to throw a label on me with every decision I make.
I see that this is selfish and I apologize to anyone who actually cares about this, but I really need this for myself and I hope you can all understand. Don't think I'm just trying to ignore anyone before I leave, or I'm so in love with a girl that I'm letting her control my life. I'm not saying that I will never see you guys again, I just need some time to detox myself from this town and the scum in it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Smoo Year!!!

May all of your Smoo Year Resolutions be realized, worked towards, and ultimately shat upon...